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Double Daffodil

Here in the south we love double daffodils but some are not the easiest to grow. I find it helps to give them afternoon shade. A raised bed with sandy soil and deciduous shrubs will help you grow those borderline doubles you always wanted. Some are tough enough to grow in the lawn. When we receive information from trials or from everyday gardeners we will pass it along to you.


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Double Narcissus or Daffodils

N. Bridal Crown                             4W-Y                       1949

N. Bridal Crown


A very nice double that can grow even in Florida. It blooms early enough to miss some of our hottest weather. Fragrant white and yellow double blooms held above the foliage. They gave this one a lot of praise in the Florida Daffodil book. This one is a winner in North Louisiana. Multiplies and Vigorous

Zones 4-9                            14"-16" tall          early mid spring

4 for $5.00                            9 for $10.00        23 for $25.00


Butter and Eggs                          4Y-Y                       1777

N. Butter and Eggs

The Queen of my Southern Heirloom Daffodils, I love this one and she is tough. Still growing on my great grandmother's farm and loved by mothers across the South. This is a wonderful old double that will naturalize here in the South. It forms nice clumps, so get your camera ready.
(N. incomparabilis aurantius plenus)

Zones 5-8                      16"-18" tall         early mid-spring

2 for $6.00                    5 for $14.00       11 for $30.00

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N. Cheerfulness                           4W-Y                      1923

Cheerfulness daffodil 

One of the last to bloom for us and even as the days get hotter I see old clumps of these at the end of the driveways on country roads. They want to make sure you see them. Multiple white rose blooms with a touch of yellow. Growing better in the northern parts of zone 8 and up.

Larger Photo's in Photo Gallery


Zones 5-8                    14"- 16"              late spring


5 for $5.00                   10 for $10.00      25 for $24.00


N. Double Campernelle               4Y-Y                       1601

N. Double Campernelle 

A double form of the Campernelle. Blooms can be yellow roses or take a more wildflower look. Wonderful old heirloom for the South. A tough double daffodil that has been grown for generations. (N. x odorus plenus )


Zones 6-8                    10" - 12" tall       mid spring 


4 for $5.00                   15 for $18.00      25 for $30.00

Copyrighted picture courtesy of Jim Wiltse
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N. Erlicheer                                4W-Y                       Pre 1934 Historic


N. Erlicheer 

One of the most beautiful and easy to grow anywhere in the south. Multiple white rose blooms with bits of yellow. This one made the list of Daffodils for Florida. If you are in the south you should have this one. I have found these in large clumps in rows behind old houses in town competing with briars and weeds. Fragrant, Tough and Multiplies. No green thumb required.


Zones 6- 10                 10" - 12"             early mid spring


3 for $5.00                   10 for $16.00       21 for $30.00

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N. Flower Drift                             4W-YYO                  1966

N. Flower Drift 

A double sport of Flower Record that blooms early. Definitely worth trying in the north part of zone 8 and up. Cream white petals with bits of yellow and orange. Planting in sandy soil will help this one settle in.


Zones 5-8                  14" - 20" tall        Early Blooming


3 for $5.00                 10 for $16.00       21 for $30.00

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N. Golden Ducat                              4Y-Y                        1913 Historic

Golden Ducat 

A double sport of the old King Alfred. A large informal yellow daffodil that even grows in Florida. Will grow better in sandy soil with good drainage. You will be rewarded with large clumps. Multiplies.


Zones 5 - 9                   14" -  16" tall       mid spring


3 for $5.00                    10 for $16.00       21 for $30.00

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N. Golden Rain                            4Y-O                       1968

Golden Rain Daffodil 

I first read about this one in Bulbs for Warm Climates but it did not prepare me for the first time they bloomed here on the farm. I fell head over heels for the tightly packed yellow roses. The blooms were perfect. I bet you grab your camera when this one blooms. A double mutation from "Grand Soleil d'Or" and will need some protection in north Louisiana. Plant by the house and mulch. This one is worth the extra effort.


Zones 8-10                  10"-12" tall          very early


3 for $5.00                   10 for $16.00       21 for $30.00

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N. Ice King                                  4W-Y                      1984

Ice King Double Daffodil 

A double sport of Ice Follies often overlooked for planting in the south. It is growing well just north of Houston, Texas. If you want a large showy double try this one. Raised beds help with growing large doubles in the south. Ivory white with light yellow frilly blooms. I love this one.


Zones 3-8                   16" - 18 " tall       early mid spring


3 for $5.00                  10 for $16.00       21 for $30.00

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N. Mary Copeland                        4W-O                      1913 Rare Historic

N. Mary Copeland Daffodil 

A wonderful historic double daffodil. It blooms late but with Orange Phoenix as one of its parents it may grow further south than we know. Growing north of Interstate 20 in the very north parts of zone 8. Double white blooms with bits of orange.


Zones 4-8 (upper 8)      15"-20" tall          late spring


3 for $6.00                   10 for $19.00       22 for $40.00

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N. Sir Winston Churchill                4W-O                      1966

Sir Winston Churchill Daffodil 

A double sport of Geranium. Very Fragrant. It blooms late but is growing well in a raised bed just north of Houston, Texas. Multiple white rose blooms with bits of orange. One of the best for fragrance.


Zones 3-9                    15"- 17" tall         late mid spring


3 for $5.00                   10 for $16.00       21 for $30.00

Copyrighted picture courtesy of Jim Wiltse
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